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  • No More Motorcycles [Part 3]

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    Kyuhyun groaned. His body hurts like hell. He tried to move but he can’t. Where am I? He opened his eyes, it’s blurry at first but there’s something forming right before him, above him. An outline of a man he can recognize from just about anywhere. “Wonnie?” he tried tiredly.

    As soon as he heard groaning, Siwon hovered over Kyuhyun waiting for him to fully awake. When he heard his name being called by the younger, he almost cried. “Yes babe. I’m here.”

    “Where am I? I can’t move.”

    “Don’t try, you’re at a hospital. You’ve been in an accident baby…”

    Accident? His mind is blank for a second and then he remembered. A motorcycle crash, and fuck it hurts like hell. “Ahhh…”

    Kyuhyun’s eyes looked directly at Siwon, whose face loomed just above him. Tired eyes, not smiling, disheveled hair, and a concerned look.

    “I’m sorry for making you worry.” He said, as he closed his eyes. He knows that Siwon is busy and all. His schedule is hectic and as much as possible needed rest. But here he is now, flew thousands of miles to go to him because he got into an accident.

    Siwon shook his head. “I’m just glad that you’re fine.” Kyuhyun, lifted his right arm about to scratch something on his chest when he stiffened. He kept on tracing something, but he can’t seem to find it. Siwon took Kyu’s hand gently. “Kyu, It’s here… It’s with me.” Siwon’s free hand holding the ring necklace up, dangling it in front of Kyu to see.

    He let out a breath of relief.  “I thought I lost it.”

    “Once they remove that neck brace, you can have it back. But for now, I’m keeping it safe. Okay?” Kyu tried to nod.

    “You should rest. You have to get better.”

    “Where will you be?”

    “I’ll be here when you wake up.”


    “Yes, dear?”

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too, Kyuhyun.”


    “Teukie-hyung, when will I be discharged?” Kyuhyun asked after few days, sitting comfortably on his hospital bed.

    “The doctor said, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

    “When will they remove this?” asking again pointing at his neck brace.

    “When your neck stops hurting.”

    “They don’t hurt anymore. Where’s Siwon?”

    Park Jungsoo sighed; Kyuhyun’s a big ball of questions today. “He’s on a meeting today Kyuhyunnie, about the drama that he’s currently filming.”


    “Don’t worry about it…”

    “It’s my fault isn’t it?”

    “Nope. It’s not.” A voice said. Kyuhyun turned his eyes to where the voice is; it’s Siwon leaning against the door. He walked toward Kyuhyun and sat beside him. He moved forward and gave a peck at the pouty lips.

    “Hi… How are you this morning?”

    “Other than a broken arm and sprained ankle, I’m fine. Teukie-hyung is keeping me company.”

    “Since you’re here now, I’ll be taking my leave.” Jungsoo informed him. Siwon nodded. “Thank you hyung.” As soon as their leader left, Siwon walked toward Kyuhyun and sat at the right side of the bed facing him, He bent down a little so they can be inches away from each other’s face.

    “Now, what to do with you…”

    “I want to know what happened to your meeting.”

    Siwon smiled. “Nothing much babe, didn’t really affect me going here since there are other scenes that they can shoot. But, I have to fly back the day after tomorrow.”

    “Okay.” He knew this was coming.

    “And you… need to rehabilitate.”

    “I know.”

    “Kyu… I want something from you…”

    “What is it?”

    Siwon placed his palm Kyu’s cheek. “Promise me something…”

    Kyu looked at him questioningly.

    “Please… Take care of yourself more okay?” Siwon pleaded. Now Kyuhyun felt guilty. On several occasions, Siwon expressed his huge dislike over that motorcycle of his. He even showed Kyuhyun a statistic that shows huge mortality rate over the Internet, but he just brushed him off saying that he’s always a careful driver, which in fact he is. But an accident is an accident.

    “If that’s what you want…”

    “I want you to promise me.” He insisted. “It’s not just what I want. I am asking this for you and me. This incident practically shaved 5 years of my life. So please… No more motorcycles.”

    “An accident is an accident Siwonnie.” Kyuhyun replied, at the back of his mind he is getting frustrated.

    “I know, just please. It would give me peace of mind to know, that there would be no more motorcycle accidents in the future. I don’t want to lose you to anything, and this is one of my fears baby…”

    Say goodbye to that R6 Kyu, you’ll never get to buy it now.Kyuhyun thought.

    “I promise.” He even raised his right arm for the added pledge effect. Siwon had that relieved look in his face, and hugged Kyuhyun carefully. “Thank you Kyu.” He returned the hug using his right arm. “I’m sorry for making you worry like that.”

    “It doesn’t matter, you’re fine now. And you’re going to get well really really soon.”

    They stayed like that for a while.

    “Babe…” he whispered.


    “Can I… can we? Is it okay if we…”

    Kyuhyun smirked. He knows exactly what Siwon is asking for.

    “Last time I checked, my lips are not broken Siwonnie. They can perfectly func…mmffff” Siwon crashed his lip onto Kyu’s. It’s been too long since he had a taste of his lover’s delicious lips; well he meant a real real kiss, not just the usual peck. Kyu parted his lips slightly and Siwon immediately attacked it with his tongue. He deliciously savored the sweet taste that is Kyuhyun. It’s been too long. Siwon’s hand started wandering carefully to Kyu’s waist, careful not to squeeze since he’s afraid to aggravate his wounds if ever there are injuries there. Then back to Kyu’s cheeks caressing it softly. A mewling noise escaped Kyu’s as they both continued with their tongue play. Their lips parted, both their foreheads touching. Kyu sighed.

    “Saranghe Kyuhyun.” Siwon whispered.

    “I love you too Siwonnie…” Siwon is about to go at it again when a cough distracted them.

    Siwon turned startled. “Appa…”

    to be continued…


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